ALOCS CW - EM01 Coffee Maker Mokapot Portable



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ALOCS CW - EM01 Coffee Maker Mokapot Portable bisa menemani kegiatan outdoormu spt hiking, camping, travelling, dll. Menghasilkan kopi pekat yg bisa menambah energi dan vitalitas selama kegiatan outdoormu.

- Made of aluminum alloy, durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean
- Contain a 350ml coffee maker, a 320ml coffee cup and a 150ml coffee cup
- At the bottom of the thread processing, rapid heat absorption
- Detachable design, with a pouch, easy to take and carry
- Super light with good thermal conductivity
- Suitable for making a variety of flavors of coffee
- Good for outdoor camping, hiking, fishing, self-driving tour